Weight Loss

My hypnotherapist, Patti Heredia, has changed my life. After years of struggling with weight management the Virtual hypno-band and the related work has truly changed my life. I am happy and living a healthy lifestyle - free from the demons of overeating – I enjoy life and healthy food and exercise. I would highly praise this form of therapy. No magic wand, have to be committed to change and willing to work with the therapist – but the result are fantastic."

~ Hazel's Story

Smoking Cessation


I have smoked for over 30 years. I have been very unhappy with my life for the last year and I am trying to give up smoking again. My husband, an ex-smoker, hates it with a passion! My daughter who is 12 years old asks me what it is like smoking. I went to see Patti hoping for a miracle to break my habit and she has performed one. Thank you, it's the best thing I have done this year."

~ Sharon's Story


I had been smoking for 20 years and truly needed to stop. I have emphysema and COPD and I had tried every single aid on the market available to me and I always went back to smoking. It would start with a couple then creep up again. I thought I would give hypnotherapy a go again – I had done it a few years earlier and it had worked for about 3 weeks. Patti did it in a different way and to my surprise it seems to have worked better than anything else. Thanks to hypnotherapy I am now a non-smoker and have been for over 6 months!"

~ Carol's Story

Anxiety, Panic attacks, Low self-esteem


I have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks for a long time, which I felt I was coping with. However, a trigger from my past made me realize things were not ok. I was feeling very unwell. I contacted a hypnotherapist in Grand Rapids MI. and with, I must say, a lot of trepidation, but nothing could make me feel more scared than the awful feelings I was experiencing. Why did I worry! The feeling of being reassured that I could be helped, and I was not a lost cause was better than a lottery win! After 3 intensive sessions I have been helped with so much – "It was not my fault – so much has affected me - I am a nice, kind person- I cannot change other people, but I can change the affect they have on me" – That is how hypnotherapy works! I am able to see things differently with the tools hypnotherapy has given me. If you recognize yourself in any of the above, don't suffer any more. You can wake up each day and be happy again! I still have some work to do, but I am so glad I am happy and have got the "old me" back. Thank you!"

~ Jackie's Story

Fear of flying


I've been scared of flying since I was young and I really wanted to find out if hypnotherapy would work. I was unsure what to expect when I went to see my hypnotherapist. I had seen all these programs on TV where people were made to do silly things, and so I was slightly apprehensive as I didn't want to fall asleep and be unable to control what I was doing. I discussed this with Patti before agreeing to go forward and she assured me that hypnotherapy is not the same as sleep and I'd still be aware of everything that was going on.

I had planned a vacation and really wanted to get on the plane so I agreed to go forward with the hypnotherapy. It was completely different to what I had expected. I had expected that I would fall asleep while my hypnotherapist somehow made me not scared anymore. But the experience was not like that at all. I felt myself drift off into a daydream, while still being fully aware of what was being said by her. I felt so relaxed, and just listened to her talking to me.

When I drifted back into the room I felt calm and really relaxed, as if I had taken a nap. I have to admit that I expected a quick fix and after one session - I thought I'd be free from my fear completely. But it doesn't really work like that, and I had to have a few more sessions before I felt calm about the idea of getting on a plane. My hypnotherapist also showed me some techniques to use if I became anxious and these really helped. I'm glad I did the hypnotherapy now as I feel more confident about flying and I feel more in control of how to deal with my anxieties too."

~ Mel's Story



Experiencing a healthy apprehension before doing something is a feeling most people deal with from time to time, but my fear of heights was beyond what I would consider a healthy apprehension. It was a real fear. My fear stopped me from doing even straight forward things in my day to day life. Simply standing on a chair and reaching up to change a light bulb was beyond my ability and attempting to ascend more than three rungs of a ladder would reduce me to tears. Something had to be done to address this because it was affecting my life too much.

Once I decided enough was enough I contacted Patti Heredia at The Therapy Center in the hope she could help me overcome this irrational and debilitating fear. I wanted to open my world and experience things from higher than ground level. Once I had taken the hardest first step of phoning her, we arranged my first free consultation. I initially felt a bit silly explaining my fear to someone else but Patti quickly made me feel very easy and comfortable fully explaining how she could help me. I soon felt confident that I had made the right decision to try hypnotherapy/NLP. I trusted Patti when she said she would give me the tools I needed to overcome my fear now and in any future situations I might find myself in. After this initial talking session I arranged to see Patti again within the next few days.

During the second session Patti explained to me how she was going to use some powerful NLP techniques, a process I had never heard of before. Using nothing more than my own mind, memories and a few simple actions, her words helped me put my fear into context. I became a master of my own fear rather than my fear mastering my mind. Once the first part of the appointment was completed Patti then did a short hypnotherapy session which she said would cover relaxation and confidence boosting.

I felt empowered enough that toward the end of the consultation, Patti asked me to stand on a chair and I did it! I stood unaided on a chair, stretched out both of my arms and smiled through the entire process. I felt very pleased with myself and believed completely this new freedom was the ground breaking moment I had hoped it would be.

Patti gave me some techniques to take with me so I could use them when I potentially could be in a situation where I might feel that familiar wave of panic begin.

Since having my therapy sessions with Patti I have gone on to experience new things which I would never have considered before, and recently had the opportunity to test in my new life without the restriction of living with my fear. My life is much more three-dimensional now and I have stopped being amazed that I can use a ladder or stand on a chair. It just amazes me that I couldn't do it before my therapy.

My greatest experience happened recently while visiting North Wales with my husband. As a surprise he had booked us both a "flit-time" at ZipWorld in Bangor. For those who have not heard of it, it's the longest zip wire ride in Europe. Travelling for over a mile in length and stretching from the top of a mountain taking people over the state quarries at speeds that can exceed 100 mph - it is the sort of thing I would have had a panic attack just looking at before. As our time approached we walked toward the platform - and I would be less than honest if I said I was completely at ease, however, I wasn't in a blind panic. I wasn't hyperventilating or crying. I was simply apprehensive, normal rational, understandable nervousness; after all, this was something I had never done before. I remembered Patti telling me about the fine line between fear and excitement and the choices I make about where to put those feelings. I chose excitement.

The ride was exhilarating. It drew squeals of delight, pumped my veins with adrenalin and my heart was racing. I laughed hysterically and felt completely liberated from my fear.

I will never be able to thank Patti enough for giving me the tools enabling me to live life in 3D, I know I can do whatever I want now. I have put that old fear, those old thoughts and feelings into perspective and have moved forward to have my world open up. I am so pleased to have discovered hypnotherapy and would not hesitate in using it again."

~ Tracey's Story



I have had insomnia for many years but the problem has escalated in recent months with me either being unable to sleep at all or only for a few hours. My wife suggested trying a hypnotherapist and we found Patti on the internet.

From my original first half hour free consultation I found her very easy to talk to. I had four sessions with Patti when she soon made me realize that the insomnia was coming from my place of work over ten years ago. During these sessions she made me feel very relaxed and I always felt in control of the situation. After the fourth session I was told that things would be better now and I can honestly say that the results have been amazing.

I now no longer worry about going to bed and I sleep really well. I can't thank Patti enough and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone else."

~ Jack's Story

Low self-confidence


I've always been anxious and I wanted some more confidence. I decided to go and see a hypnotherapist, and immediately felt comfortable with Patti. She started by talking about the situations I was anxious in and asked if anything had happened to knock my confidence when I was younger. After talking things through with her, I felt like she understood why I was there and felt hopeful that she'd be able to help me.

She then began to count backwards really slowly and it was strange feeling like I was getting sleepy. She made me imagine myself in a happy, safe place and while I was in that place I felt more confident than I had felt ever in my life.

Now when I feel anxious I think back to that place in my mind and find strength from there somehow. I'm not really sure how it works but I have felt differently since having my hypnotherapy session."

~ Sandra's Story